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The Rock Face EP - 3rd album out April 1/13

2013-03-23 00:39:33 by AnalogByNature

We are currently in studio recording our upcoming 'Rock Face' EP, out April 1st - Free to download & share alike!
Adding to our discography, this EP explores a more rock heavy side to us. D is laying down heavy licks adding to The CDK's intensifying programming, as I (G) ready a few art assets.

Still a few days left, but it sounds great.
D had went on to throw his chops into "Our Music (RumbleStep Mix)" alongside The CDK, which quickly found it's home with some great DoTA 2 players, and showed their love with a series of YouTube videos.
The overall feel of this album has that same kind of intensity featured in 'Our Music'.
As we approach release date, we will tighten up & finalize the album & have some song listings put up for those looking forward to April.

The 'Rock Face EP' is our third free monthly released album, joining our 'The Panic Zone' & 'Nexus' EP's.
Free to download, use, share - so please enjoy those. Each album is a different genre at this point!

Stay tuned,

The Rock Face EP - 3rd album out April 1/13


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