The AWESOME EP - May 1st, 2013 - FREE FOR ALL!

2013-04-30 00:37:14 by AnalogByNature

Hello fellow gangfiends!

May 1st, Analog By Nature is releasing "The AWESOME EP". FREE to download here on NG, or on ReverbNation, & CCMixter.
Feel free to use all of our tracks in your works, so long as you credit us.

As a special treat, or perhaps curse to some, we've gone and made a few videos for several of our songs. We try so hard that our eyes bleed out, we lose sleep, skip meals, loved ones start getting concerned and....okay, maybe not trying too hard on the visual side, but audibly - we've put out a decent EP for those of you into a nerdcore type of genre & I'm sure 6 of you will enjoy the outcome May 1st!

All of our videos are up on the rusty old Youtube (links on our profile), but we're dropping one soft nugget on NG as a thanks for being so AWESOME.
Dedicated to you.
Because you are awesome.

The AWESOME EP - May 1st, 2013 - FREE FOR ALL!


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2013-06-05 10:45:35

Where would I buy this happy nugget of moozak?

AnalogByNature responds:

No need to buy it at all - it's FREE to download, use in your own submissions, remix, or to simply enjoy!
You can access the mp3 as well as resource files for our tracks on CCMixter. (Links are right on our profile page will take you to our download pages. It's a bit confusing, but the full track will have a number after the song title - Example: "Nexus_1mp3", and the resource file/acapella/samples would be named "Nexus_mp3"
It's a weird way to do it, but it's available to those who want to work with our songs, or simply have them. Check out the other links, for videos, and all that shnazz, too!

Also, we're putting together a nice little package with some exclusive stuff for those who enjoy free music via torrents. It won't be up for long, but I'll def. notify everyone about it when the time comes!