Happy Robot Day! & New track!

2013-07-10 19:27:32 by AnalogByNature

Happy Robot Day 2013 everyone!
We had to jump on board and start contributing back to the Newgrounds community. Thanks for all that you do, NG staff n' supporters!
Below, you'll find our official audio submission entry to ROBOTDAY2013:
Tom Fulpatron
Also, big kudos to MindChamber for scouting us to begin with. We wouldn't be able to provide NG with exclusive, original content without you, brother. Thanks!
We are hard at work on our current album, which releases Aug. 1st for FREE!
FREE EP's every month - CC! Use 'em in your submissions, remix, whatever you deem necessary!

- AXN crew

Happy Robot Day! & New track!


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