2013-07-28 14:19:10 by AnalogByNature

We are releasing our latest, the "RAW CURRENTS" EP - early this August.
Download it right here on Newgrounds for FREE!

Fans had been asking us for a return to our EDM/DnB sound, so this is a trip back to that era. Hopefully it will satisfy your earholes. While it's a short EP, we have many sub projects on the go, and we are currently working on several releases (making our future EP's larger, and a ton of NG-related projects).

If you'd like to collaborate, animate our stuff, or have us work on your project (music/loops/voice over work/art), shoot us a PM detailing what you're doing, what you need, describe your format or workflow preference, etc)

Keep an eye out this August, "RAW CURRENTS" by Analog By Nature will be available for FREE on Newgrounds (and our many links. don't forget to check some of those for extra content). Feel free to use our stuff in your submissions, remix 'em, or whatever. Just remember to link to us so we can see your awesomeness.
Here's our downloadable song library. Enjoy!

- The AXN guys



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2013-08-05 22:11:37

You guys should really try to get a record deal! Don't sell out or anything but still! You could really make it! By the way, I cranked out a new track, if you could check it out that would be the shizzle!!

AnalogByNature responds:

That would be nice. Maybe if one approached us, and gave us a reasonable offer. Alas, none have done so yet, and we haven't sought one either. We have contemplated the importance of creating our own independent label, as we have several artists we could easily feature.
All in due time, I suppose! :)
Thanks for the suggestion & we'll check out your mix!