FREE new EP! "LAZY" - Dirty, fun freestyle songs from AXN!

2013-12-04 11:53:13 by AnalogByNature

4514889_138617594033_AnalogByNature-LazyEPSMALLNGcopy.png Originally scheduled for November release (we got lazy), we put together this 6-track EP haphazardly. Full of freestyle & songthread tracks, this album displays what we can do with extremely limited time, and often done in one-take, merely for some dirty, fun, good ol' juvenile entertainment. I'd say more about it, but that'd just get in the way of your time. Have a listen of this EP, and enjoy our minimal effort (Lazy can be found via link below, the top 6 tracks listed within our song library. I would have linked each song, but NG strangely isn't letting me do that)Track Listing: 1) DOGE (4chan songthread W/ VIDEO!) 2) This Better Be a Damn Good Song (Stuffing) (4chan songthread W/ VIDEO!) 3) A Sexy Devil Jesus Atheism Thing 4) Redundant (Ft. Go1dfish & My Free Mickey) 5) 'Member 6) Lazy Freestyle FMHere's our entire NG song library! Feel free to download, remix, or use in your own submissions along with our name credit!  


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