New FREE Retromix EP! Genesis: Nintendon't drops right NOW

2014-10-10 21:36:42 by AnalogByNature


Howdy! It's certainly been a little while since we've graced some music on Newgrounds...

Nevertheless, here we are with the second entry into our Retromix Series!
We're bringing you a 5-track EP, "Genesis: Nintendon't"


This EP is a cover album of some oldschool songs we felt the need to reproduce, using our fluids, and other bodily instruments. Did we mention it's free to download? Yes. So, do that.
Any suggestions you'd like to throw us for the inevitable 3rd Retromix EP? We've got a few lined up as it is, but we'd like to hear what YOU'D like to hear - from us!


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