New Retromix Album in the Works! Want to Suggest a Song?

2016-02-10 18:39:57 by AnalogByNature

Hey all!

Going to keep this short, and to-the-point: We're putting together another EP in our Retromix series of Video Game Songs, which, if you don't know of our previous entries, are our covers of video games ranging from 8-bit to beyond.

For entry #3 (still un-titled at this point), we've already started several tracks that we're working on, but if you have a specific song or game that you feel we should cover, let us know! We might just have some time to put into your request!

Check out our Playlist section if you want a rundown of what those Retromix cover songs sound like. You likey? Then download. Enjoy, everyone! Update ya soon, eh?

Back to beer tunes. See ya in a few, NG.



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