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AnalogByNature's News

Posted by AnalogByNature - June 29th, 2017


We recently released WORKSLASHLIFE on Bandcamp (June 17, 2017)

WORKSLASHLIFE is a 12-track, LO-FI / CHILL album that encapsulates the soundtrack to your working life, the balancing act between the two, and so on - allowing you to take a break from both, and enjoy a relaxing soundtrack worthy of a WORKSLASHLIFE

WANT IT FOR FREE? Grab it here while you still can! LINK BELOW

It's pay-what-you want, so if you eventually decide we could use the extra cheddar, it goes directly back into the music and video content we put out every week via our YouTube channel.




Posted by AnalogByNature - July 25th, 2016

Hey gang! We just released our latest FREE to download, mini EP,  "Press "A" to Analog" (Jul.24/16) - As part 3 of our Retromix series, we decided to cover some classic retro video game songs as a nostalgic homage to tracks you've heard on your favourite oldschool consoles. Quick, short n' simple; here's what we decided on covering this time around:

Stage 1 (Journey to Silius)

Bimmy & Jimmy (Double Dragon)

Training (Punch-Out!)


Posted by AnalogByNature - July 12th, 2016

Hey gang! We aren't dead yet! We have returned to form (at least via Newgrounds)!

We just uploaded our newest track "WADEBOT" for Robot Day 2016, released this past Sunday, July 10th


.....and we are hard at work, writing some new material for an upcoming, untitled EP to be released in the coming months (more on that in a future update). Determining the overall sound on the new album, but it's what we are working on in between projects.

In the meantime, we have a near-fully-assembled EP ready to release any day now - the 3rd follow-up album to our Retro-mix Series, wherein we produce cover songs from the ground up, all based on oldschool videogames! For a taste of our previous Retromix Cover albums, look no further! Here's a quick n' handy playlist of them shorties, all free to download. That means you too, Geometry Dash orphans. We don't really give a shit, as long as someone is entertained by whatever we produce,

Retromix Series 1: Hold Reset and Blow Me

This EP covers The Guardian Legend, Ducktales, Blaster Master, and Cheetahmen.

-- -- --

Retromix Series 2: Genesis: Nintendon't

This EP covers The Legend of Zelda 2, California Games, Megaman, Vectorman, and a touch more The Guardian Legend.

-- -- --

Retromix Series 3: Press "A" to Analog!

This EP is unreleased as of yet. Further update & link to free downloadable album will follow.

We are proud to announce that we have the majority of this smaller EP ready to go, however, if you guys have an urge to hear us cover one of your favorite videogame songs, let us know in the comments. We'd be glad to squeeze another track or two in for a standard EP release, while we still have a bit of free time!


Posted by AnalogByNature - April 1st, 2016

Got any plans tonight?

Analog By Nature will be on 4chan tonight starting up a songthread on /b/ for our 3 year anniversary, muckin' about with random-ass songs. Want in, or want to throw a challenge our way? Find us on dem 4chanz tonight, around midnight (central). You will see the thread topic image with the Skully Ace Face w/boobage. You will, or should know how the songthread works by now. If not, read the topic. I'm sure one of us will post the rundown.

Get whatever you want included in the track ready. We will throw it in.   -     See you soon    -​4514889_145956338251_1455953586498.jpg


Posted by AnalogByNature - February 10th, 2016

Hey all!

Going to keep this short, and to-the-point: We're putting together another EP in our Retromix series of Video Game Songs, which, if you don't know of our previous entries, are our covers of video games ranging from 8-bit to beyond.

For entry #3 (still un-titled at this point), we've already started several tracks that we're working on, but if you have a specific song or game that you feel we should cover, let us know! We might just have some time to put into your request!

Check out our Playlist section if you want a rundown of what those Retromix cover songs sound like. You likey? Then download. Enjoy, everyone! Update ya soon, eh?

Back to beer tunes. See ya in a few, NG.


Posted by AnalogByNature - October 10th, 2014


Howdy! It's certainly been a little while since we've graced some music on Newgrounds...

Nevertheless, here we are with the second entry into our Retromix Series!
We're bringing you a 5-track EP, "Genesis: Nintendon't"


This EP is a cover album of some oldschool songs we felt the need to reproduce, using our fluids, and other bodily instruments. Did we mention it's free to download? Yes. So, do that.
Any suggestions you'd like to throw us for the inevitable 3rd Retromix EP? We've got a few lined up as it is, but we'd like to hear what YOU'D like to hear - from us!

Posted by AnalogByNature - July 24th, 2014

We just released "The Waggle Waggle EP" July 24, 2014 for FREE, right here on Newgrounds!

Follow the link below to our song library, where you'll not only find "The Waggle Waggle EP", but an extensive back-catalogue of our previous EP's, as well as a few selected B-sides we've done in the past year. Jump onto our main page and enjoy a really awesome shitty music video for "You're Awesome", and be sure to play Graffinator's 'Darts for Dinner'. After all that, drink a tall glass of milk and have a nap. Hit us up, we interact/collaborate/respond.




Posted by AnalogByNature - May 30th, 2014


Hey everyburrrdy!

We are showing up on /b/ tonight to provide a 'live' song and we openly ask posters to post text, or pictures, and we reference and sing about whatever that gets posted or mentioned. Also, we provide a dandy video link as soon as the track is finished that very same evening! If there was ever a time where you wanted us to give you a shout out in one of our tracks, or you wanted something very specific mentioned in tonights song - now is your chance!

Feel free to show up and participate in our (mostly) weekly 4Chan Freestyle Songthreads! Considering we love Newgrounds so goddamned much, and have posted a few of our catalogued 4Ch. tracks, we might as well extend the invitation out to you guys, as well! We are gearing up and heading over to studio as we speak! Prepare your ears, your eyes & your anus! I believe this is our 12th 4Chan track. We hope to see you guys there shortly!

(link will be posted in this very news post upon update)

We've been actively showing some love for Newgrounds as of lately, with last years track, 'Fulpatron' netting us 3rd place during Robot Day 2013, 'Beatbox Pico Day' landing 2nd during Pico Day 2014, and most recently, 'Peaches' was awarded a featured, front-page audio. Ironically, Peaches was indeed a previous 4Chan track we felt like sharing with the NG community. Not that we are crazy popular on Newgrounds yet (66 fans). 


Posted by AnalogByNature - May 6th, 2014


Hey everybody!

Now that NATA 2014 has officially started, alongside Construct 2, you might find yourself needing music, or voice work for your upcoming submissions. Why not use us? It's all free & we've an entire back catalog of varied material - just drop us a name in your credits, and link us back to your beatiful creation. Need something exclusively custom for your specific entry? Let us know what you need, and we will not let you down. :)

- the AXN guys


Posted by AnalogByNature - December 4th, 2013

4514889_138617594033_AnalogByNature-LazyEPSMALLNGcopy.png Originally scheduled for November release (we got lazy), we put together this 6-track EP haphazardly. Full of freestyle & songthread tracks, this album displays what we can do with extremely limited time, and often done in one-take, merely for some dirty, fun, good ol' juvenile entertainment. I'd say more about it, but that'd just get in the way of your time. Have a listen of this EP, and enjoy our minimal effort (Lazy can be found via link below, the top 6 tracks listed within our song library. I would have linked each song, but NG strangely isn't letting me do that)Track Listing: 1) DOGE (4chan songthread W/ VIDEO!) 2) This Better Be a Damn Good Song (Stuffing) (4chan songthread W/ VIDEO!) 3) A Sexy Devil Jesus Atheism Thing 4) Redundant (Ft. Go1dfish & My Free Mickey) 5) 'Member 6) Lazy Freestyle FMHere's our entire NG song library! Feel free to download, remix, or use in your own submissions along with our name credit!http://analogbynature.newgrounds.com/audio/