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AnalogByNature's News

Posted by AnalogByNature - November 23rd, 2013

Sorry about the delay, but we're still releasing "LAZY" any day now, just shifting through a lot of things-of-going-on at the moment.
This release, don't expect something grand - we simply walked in, did our one/two take, or freestyle, whichever came out of the short time we put in ended up as this small collection. We didn't really know what to do with these, and there's certainly quite a few...do we save them as b sides? stock up and release them all one day? and considering schedule is proving to be pretty busy for the new year, we probably can't hold onto ALL of them at one period. What we did was take a few off the top, and we lazily tossed them on here.. But the subtle niceness here, shows you what kind of retarded bullshit happens when we just hang out. We fuck up lots. We have a laugh. We just have fun.
So I guess that's sort of what this is. A lazy, hang out.
Why did we do these?
We don't know. But we enjoy doing anything.

"LAZY" will release late this November. We'll throw up a news post when that time comes! For now, here's our free MUSIC LIBRARY have at it. Use 'em in your submission. Leave 'em on a USB on the bus. Burn it onto a disc and leave it in someone's mailbox, or something.

"LAZY" EP still on the way, still free, this NOV.!

Posted by AnalogByNature - September 27th, 2013

Hey everybody!
Bringing you a mini promo for our upcoming Halloween EP, "OKTOBR" - dropping October 1st, 2013.

Ah, Halloween. The best holiday around. The time of year when nature begins to die off, before the cold sets in. The environment becomes a beautiful, twisted mixture of autumn colours and for a brief month, the spooky macabre takes hold, and everything everywhere becomes Halloween-enized. Pumpkins, cemeteries, full moons, horror movies, haunted houses, trick or treating, the murderous fear in the wind....It's the one holiday that just lets you be crazy. Fortunately for us, every day is Halloween, however, as the time comes, we felt we needed to devote an album to the holiday, consisting of a mixture of the different styles/genres we have presented over the past year, keeping within the theme of Halloween, again, the bestest holiday.

October 1st, you'll be able to download "OKTOBR" for free, right here on Newgrounds, or check out our other links on the left. CCMixter, videos on YouTube, Twitter for updates on live events every weekend, and all those other cancerous social media links. We always interact.
Feel free to download, remix, use in your own submissions - Just give us a credit, and enjoy! ;)

See you OKT.1st!
- the AXN crew


Posted by AnalogByNature - August 26th, 2013

Are you a fan of retro video game music? The 8-bit years sure provided our generation a plethora of amazing music, and our next album is not only a mini-homage to the era of the sound, but a cover album of some classic hits.
We felt we needed to start the video game covers series with some not-as-well-known tracks, as everyone and their dog have been re-creating & remixing the standard game songs. This is the first of our "Retromix" series of oldschool, retro covers! Guarantee'd to be enjoyed.

Analog By Nature is set to release our next free monthly album, the "Hold Reset And Blow Me" EP!
Download it here on Newgrounds SEPTEMBER 1st, 2013!!
Feel free to use any of our music in your submissions, or remixes - just give us a name credit with link back to us. :)


See you in September!
- the AXN crew


Posted by AnalogByNature - July 28th, 2013

We are releasing our latest, the "RAW CURRENTS" EP - early this August.
Download it right here on Newgrounds for FREE!

Fans had been asking us for a return to our EDM/DnB sound, so this is a trip back to that era. Hopefully it will satisfy your earholes. While it's a short EP, we have many sub projects on the go, and we are currently working on several releases (making our future EP's larger, and a ton of NG-related projects).

If you'd like to collaborate, animate our stuff, or have us work on your project (music/loops/voice over work/art), shoot us a PM detailing what you're doing, what you need, describe your format or workflow preference, etc)

Keep an eye out this August, "RAW CURRENTS" by Analog By Nature will be available for FREE on Newgrounds (and our many links. don't forget to check some of those for extra content). Feel free to use our stuff in your submissions, remix 'em, or whatever. Just remember to link to us so we can see your awesomeness.
Here's our downloadable song library. Enjoy!

- The AXN guys


Posted by AnalogByNature - July 10th, 2013

Happy Robot Day 2013 everyone!
We had to jump on board and start contributing back to the Newgrounds community. Thanks for all that you do, NG staff n' supporters!
Below, you'll find our official audio submission entry to ROBOTDAY2013:
Tom Fulpatron
Also, big kudos to MindChamber for scouting us to begin with. We wouldn't be able to provide NG with exclusive, original content without you, brother. Thanks!
We are hard at work on our current album, which releases Aug. 1st for FREE!
FREE EP's every month - CC! Use 'em in your submissions, remix, whatever you deem necessary!

- AXN crew

Happy Robot Day! & New track!

Posted by AnalogByNature - June 23rd, 2013

Hello, hola, mushi mushi, and all that!

July 2nd, we drop our newest release, The "Smoke Time EP". FREE to download here on NG, or on ReverbNation, & CCMixter. Don't forget to check us out on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. We actively interact.

Feel free to use all of our tracks in your works, so long as you credit us.

See you in July!

The Smoke Time EP - July 2nd, 2013 - FREE FOR ALL!

Posted by AnalogByNature - April 30th, 2013

Hello fellow gangfiends!

May 1st, Analog By Nature is releasing "The AWESOME EP". FREE to download here on NG, or on ReverbNation, & CCMixter.
Feel free to use all of our tracks in your works, so long as you credit us.

As a special treat, or perhaps curse to some, we've gone and made a few videos for several of our songs. We try so hard that our eyes bleed out, we lose sleep, skip meals, loved ones start getting concerned and....okay, maybe not trying too hard on the visual side, but audibly - we've put out a decent EP for those of you into a nerdcore type of genre & I'm sure 6 of you will enjoy the outcome May 1st!

All of our videos are up on the rusty old Youtube (links on our profile), but we're dropping one soft nugget on NG as a thanks for being so AWESOME.
Dedicated to you.
Because you are awesome.

The AWESOME EP - May 1st, 2013 - FREE FOR ALL!

Posted by AnalogByNature - March 23rd, 2013

We are currently in studio recording our upcoming 'Rock Face' EP, out April 1st - Free to download & share alike!
Adding to our discography, this EP explores a more rock heavy side to us. D is laying down heavy licks adding to The CDK's intensifying programming, as I (G) ready a few art assets.

Still a few days left, but it sounds great.
D had went on to throw his chops into "Our Music (RumbleStep Mix)" alongside The CDK, which quickly found it's home with some great DoTA 2 players, and showed their love with a series of YouTube videos.
The overall feel of this album has that same kind of intensity featured in 'Our Music'.
As we approach release date, we will tighten up & finalize the album & have some song listings put up for those looking forward to April.

The 'Rock Face EP' is our third free monthly released album, joining our 'The Panic Zone' & 'Nexus' EP's.
Free to download, use, share - so please enjoy those. Each album is a different genre at this point!

Stay tuned,

The Rock Face EP - 3rd album out April 1/13